bubbling brook baby quilt

I LOVE this quilt… if it was bigger, I would keep it for myself! The five columns of coins are made of three Amy Butler fabrics (two Midwest Modern Ohio Sky and a solid). The sashing is off-white and the border and part of the back is a deep hue of kelly green that is the most gorgeous color! I quilted it in vertical wavy lines using my walking foot – I still haven’t graduated to free motion; I’m such a chicken.


The finished size is 34″ x 44″. I love the simple yet modern layout of the back. I will never make a quilt that isn’t reversible – a beautiful back is just as important as a beautiful front!



12 thoughts on “bubbling brook baby quilt

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  2. woops! I left a comment on the heather bailey fabric post…meant it to go here about the bubbling brook quilt – Love it!

    “I love the name of this quilt – so very fitting! Funny how you say you are chicken to free motion – I am chicken to do the walking like you’ve done! All I can seem to do is free motion! So, to say the least you’ve inspired me to stop being chicken and try quilting like you’ve done!!”

  3. I love this quilt! I was checking out the one you posted for the festival, but was intrigued by the way you talked about this one, so I linked over to it. I love how you got the feeling of free-motion quilting with the wavy lines, without the anxiety of free-motion (my attempts so far have been a little scary–fun!–but scary). These colors are wonderful. Can’t wait to see your next one.

  4. Love how the wavy look of the quilting makes the piecing look curvy!! cool…and just go for the free motion, you’ll be addicted!!

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