blogger quilt festival

How fun! I’m super excited to share my work with so many amazing quilters; especially since I’m new to this world, and I admire so many of you from afar!

Since I just blogged about my most recently finished quilt (my absolute favorite!), I’m going to share one of my first quilts – this sounds like forever ago, but I just started in July. While playing with these fabrics I fell in love with the pink and yellow color combo.


It’s made of ten fabrics from a Spring Magic jelly roll plus three extra coordinating prints. I actually came up with the pattern/measurements on my own, but later discovered that there was already something called disappearing nine patch. Oh well, I guess great minds think alike 😉 This quilt is much more traditional than the quilts I’ve been working on, but I love how the colors and flowers scream “sweetness” and just yearn to be loved by a little girl!

blogger quilt festival


26 thoughts on “blogger quilt festival

  1. I love the tone of this quilt…….pink and yellow ! I haven’t tried this combo, but I have several girl baby quilts to make, and I love it ! Thanks for entering and sharing your quilt !

  2. I think you did a lovely job with this quilt. Before I got to the part about you coming up with the pattern, I was thinking to myself “this looks like a variant on a disappearing nine patch” – way to go!

  3. Giselle,
    You are doing a great job! I too am to blogging and trying to have fun with this. Getting encouragment from other quilters really does make a difference. It gives you the confirmation that you are making something really nice and that maybe we ARE talented. I loved looking at your quilts, very nice! I would love to keep an eye on you and will love to but not sure how to do it with wordpress. I am going to have to try to figure it out cuz your stuff is wonderful. Steph

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