a look back

Though it’s not that far back šŸ˜‰ This quilt was started and finished this July for a friend’s new baby girl. It’s my first quilt!

After reading many hours of “first -time quilting advice” from Crazy Mom Quilts, I decided to start with a simple checkerboard pattern in a reasonable size – 36″x45″. quilt1

For the front, IĀ chose a cute print from the Woodland Bloom line and a coordinating solid pink. The backingĀ is pink with tiny white/red squares interrupted by two red lines of different widths. The same deep red was used to bind the quilt.

After the front was pieced, I felt like it was lacking visual interest so I decided to quilt it with red thread. I love the double crosshatch quilting pattern and will definitely consider using it on future projects.

I was really happy with the final outcome, but wish I had used a few more fabrics in the front. I just wasn’t quite comfortable selecting prints to pair together.

It’s fun to look back at the quilt that started it all!


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