my first improv block

I decided to jump into the world of improvisational piecing and this is what came of it…

This is about all I could handle – too much freedom and not enough rules!

The block is a 6.5″ square made of 5 different Amy Butler fabrics. The quilt containing this block is basted and ready to be quilted and bound. Hopefully, I’ll have the finished product to show you guys by next weekend.


6 thoughts on “my first improv block

  1. Wow! I love this block so much it makes me want to go try one right now!! I just perused your site, and your work is fabulous, keep it up! I’m definitely going to be back for inspiration!

  2. @RosaMaria: the block is going on the back of my most recent quilt… you’ll see it soon 😉
    @Kirsten: thanks so much!! can’t wait to share more of my work, please do come back!

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