pretty pink hopscotch

This quilt has chosen to frustrate me from the very beginning, but maybe I just should have been more accepting of the process. It’s the first quilt I’ve made that evolved as I went along and is completely different from my initial vision. The pieces were first cut for a coin quilt and while laying it out I decided to sew them end to end instead. Then once it was sandwiched I couldn’t decide how to quilt it. I was going to try free motion, but my practice pieces did not give me any confidence whatsoever! I tried to quilt zigzag lines but I never liked how they turned out, so I ended up spending way too much time with my seam ripper. I finally settled on some offset horizontal lines.

Even after all the pain, I have to admit… I really love this one.


The fabrics are all Amy Butler, except for the Kona Natural. It measures 40″ x 42″.


And there’s my improv block in all it’s glory. It was never meant to end up in this quilt, but when I was designing and piecing the back, it snuck its way in. I really like the asymmetry of the back and the border that showcases the single block.


4 thoughts on “pretty pink hopscotch

  1. I saw our quilt on flickr and came over to read all about it. I loved the layout so much. I never would have guessed it started as a coin quilt. The colors compliment it so well.

  2. LOVE this variation on a coin quilt! So interesting to look at, even though it’s a (conceptually) easy construction. Will have to put this on my list! 🙂

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