some holiday spirit

My sewing machine has been collecting dust. I know it’s horrible, but the last two months have been a whirlwind for us both. Luckily, my two week break started last Friday and I got straight to work. It’s our first Xmas together as a married couple, and I really wanted to make us our very own stockings.

I’m so proud of myself… NO tutorial or pattern! Both the front and the back are quilt sandwiches, so I didn’t bother with lining. The rest I just made up as I went along. I tried to use all fabric/batting/notions from my stash, so the only newly purchased item is the red velvet ribbon.

On Sean’s stocking, the red is Kona Rich Red and the green is Amy Butler Olive. I left a raw edge on the green fabric; I’m hoping it’ll look really cool as it wears over time. The twill ribbon was from the packaging of some stationary from Target – so happy when I save things like that!

For my stocking, I used my favorite Kona Natural and quilted a double crosshatch pattern on both the front and the back. The top of the stocking is a linen I had in my stash from JoAnns. I couldn’t figure out how to nicely sew on the velvet ribbon, so it’s glued (ssshhhhhh!) The absolute best part… the bells are from the garlands that hung in the archway during our wedding. Whenever I hear their quiet jingle, it’ll remind me of that special day 🙂

My brother decided to come spend the holiday with us, so I’ll be whipping up another stocking for him tomorrow! We hope his visit will become a Xmas tradition. *** Happy Holidays to you all ***


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