one for the lil’ bro

Well… he’s not so little at 6’2″, but he’ll always be my little brother! I love old school stockings with reinforced heels and toes, so I gave it a go. This was my first time doing applique, and boy did I feel the pressure to concentrate. I sewed s o o o   o    o   s l o w l y! I’m excited that I’ve at least tried applique and gotten over the first-time nerves – now I just need more practice. Somehow when I joined the front to the back, I magically got the top and bottom of the red toes to match up perfectly, but the heels are a little off. Despite the flaws, I really love the overall effect and it fits my brother’s personality perfectly!

The plaid fabric is a flannel from JoAnns and I used some Kona rich red again. The heel and toe are zig zag stitched on with white thread – I really like the contrast. I had the red buttons in my stash and I think they add a nice little detail to the cuff. All three of the stockings are far from perfect, but I’m so happy we have these personalized keepsakes to admire each year during the holidays!


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