a new year…

brings endless possibilities!

As we review the past year and make goals for the new one, I can’t help but notice what an impact sewing and crafting has made on my life. It all started with planning my wedding in May that consisted of lots of DIY projects and a mommy-made wedding dress. I’m so happy that I have stumbled into this world of handmade creative goodness. This online community gives me the support and inspiration to continue challenging myself. I hope that you’ve started this year with anticipation, hope, and happiness… it’s going to be a great one!

My 2010 will be filled with trying, learning, making, and exploring!

* a different kind of “green button” 😉

photo by PhareannaH[ holiday ] BZ

2 thoughts on “a new year…

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog! Oliver + S patterns are so easy because the directions are so complete and clear.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at all your lovely quilts. I’ve put you on my blog-roll.

    Good luck with your wedding!

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