i just can’t cut into them

These are three fabrics from my stash that I cannot bring myself to cut into. I love them dearly and take them out often just for a little eye candy. They look quite funny together as they are so different, but I adore each for its own reason. Who knows when they will finally end up being used in a project.

1. Heather Ross, Far Far Away, Frog Prince in mustard – Not only is the texture and weight of this double gauze fabric amazing, but the print is so adorable. It’s not too gender specific and I love the little lily pads and the speckles on the frog’s back. The colors are happy and sunshiny and take me to an imaginary picnic alongside a picturesque pond.

2. Denyse Schmidt, Katie Jump Rope, Ribbon Flowers in green – What can I say… a flower made from ribbon!!!… what could be better? And I love the vibrant shade of green.

3. Light blue lined shirting fabric from my LQS, The Cotton Shop – I’m a math teacher, so I’m a sucker for anything that looks like graph paper. The tiny squares and delicate structured lines make me want to grab a ruler and a pencil and draw me some axes! (I know I’m a nerd)


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