whoootie the softie

I needed a gift less time consuming than a quilt, so I made a daring leap into the world of softie making. I knew it would have to be a very simple construction – front, back, sew together, turn right side out, stuff. No limbs or facial structure for this first attempt. I’ve always loved the cute little owls I’ve seen others make, and decided it was a pretty safe choice. I drew a template on a sheet of paper, cut out the fabric pieces, appliqued the appropriate parts, and stuffed him with an eco-bamboo fill, which is super soft.

The fabrics are Recess Mini Dot in Green by American Jane for Moda, and Alice Kennedy Apple Collection for Timeless Treasures: Leaf Vines Stripe in Green and Owls on Cream. The back is this adorable owl print, which I think works perfectly.

I’m excited to try more complex softie patterns and maybe incorporate some buttons, yarn, corduroy, or other textures.


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