finally a finish!

WOW… my unintentional sewing/blogging hiatus has gone on far too long! No excuses, just an overwhelming amount of stuff in my life, and priorities had to be made. This quilt started with my desire to make a patchwork boy quilt. After I picked out the fabrics, I started to think about what happens in patchwork patterns when the same fabric is randomly chosen for adjacent blocks. From that I decided to precut a few of the fabrics in double, triple, and quadruple blocks.

The fabrics I know in the top are Kona Navy, Grass Green, and Natural, with Park Slope Birds in Turquoise by Erin McMorris. The light blue is either Kona Aqua or Ice Frappe. I quilted a few random vertical and horizontal lines along the seams, but I hadn’t basted it well so there are a couple of puckers in the top. I’m really disappointed in my quilting and am worried that it is too little to withstand washings. I may hand tie it in a few places so that I feel like it will hold up and have a full quilty life.

The back was a created improv style based on some already cut pieces that hadn’t been used in the quilt top, and a few other solids. The main color is Kona White, with a little Kona Coal, and the light green is either Kona Spring or Tarragon. After washing it measures 37.5″ x 51″.

I like it, but don’t love it. Hopefully a little boy will love it an extra lot to replace my lack of affection 🙂


5 thoughts on “finally a finish!

  1. I like the improv look to this quilt! And finding a good look for a boy quilt is always so hard, I feel like mine always turn out too girly…but you did great!
    Love your quilts, glad you posted!

  2. This is a sweet quilt.

    Sometimes, when I first finish something, I am disappointed. Somehow it doesn’t match up to what I was planning in my head, but then it grows on me and I am very happy with it in the end.

  3. I love this quilt! The shapes and the colors are wonderful. I love how you came around to the method and process you used. I have often wondered the same thing about doing a random patchwork, and how it would look if the same fabrics ended up next to each other.

  4. Thanks for all the love! Hopefully I’ll have a new one up soon, but if not, I’m looking forward to a summer of finished quilts and lots of posts!

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