Girlie Birthday Party Gift – Quick Tutu

My son just got invited to his first birthday party ever,

and the theme is…

wait for it…


It’s for a little girl at his preschool who is turning 4, and honestly I’m not sure why he’s even invited. Details, shmeetails, I get to make girlie gifts!

Her mom said her favorite colors are pink and dark pink, so I decided to make a quick poofy tutu and a cute little apron. I have a million other things I’d like to make for her, but I’m trying to control myself.


Although this isn’t a complete tutorial, I wanted to document the basics so that I can refer back to it in the future.

I used approximately 3 yards of tulle (I think it was 54″ wide) – 2 yards of the main color, and 1/2 yard each of two accent colors. With the tulle folded edge to edge, I cut 2″ strips (no need to be precise). Then with scissors, I quickly cut each strip in half on the fold. So the final strips will measure approximately 2″x 27″.

Next I cut a 22- 24″ piece of elastic (I used pajama elastic that was maybe 3/4″ wide). I sewed the ends of the elastic together by overlapping them 1-2″ and zigzagged stitched along each end. I’ll report back if this indeed fits an average 4 year old girl, as I used my skinny almost 3 year old boy as a dress form.

Then I folded each tulle strip in half, wrapped the folded tulle around the elastic, and fed the ends through the loop formed at the fold. When you tug it snugly against the elastic it stays put and lets the tulle poof out nicely. I arranged the accent color tulle how I wanted and then filled the rest of the elastic with the main color. I believe I did 5 dark pink, 6 white, 5 dark pink. When I was done, I arranged one last strip of tulle into a flower and sewed it to the waistband.

You could easily have your child help make this for their friend. I’m not in love with how the waistband looks with this method, but it’s a pretty awesome gift for a girlie-girl and probably cost just $5 in materials.

The apron is almost finished, so I’ll share that next.


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