Finally Quilting Again

A few wonderful things have all come together at the same time, which has given me the ability to quilt again: my boy goes to preschool a few times a week, I finally started organizing my sewing space/guest room, I have learned how to sew in small windows of time, and I started a project […]

Girlie Birthday Party Gift – Quick Tutu

My son just got invited to his first birthday party ever, and the theme is… wait for it… PRINCESSES!!! It’s for a little girl at his preschool who is turning 4, and honestly I’m not sure why he’s even invited. Details, shmeetails, I get to make girlie gifts! Her mom said her favorite colors are […]

Trick-or-Treat Bag

No need to go into gory details… but don’t let anyone tell you that a baby will adjust to your lifestyle! Let’s just leave it at – it’s been almost 2 years since my last post. In the last few months I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of all things fabric and crafty, so […]

snuggly blankets for my little one

After making quite a few flannel baby blankets for friends over the past year, I decided that my future arrival needed some too. I just used what was in my stash – sweet and simple dots and stripes in pale blue and yellow. We live in SoCal so I know that he’ll need some lightweight […]

the awesomest ride on the block

Apparently, since I now have the ability to do so, nothing is good enough without my customizing it. Our little guy’s stroller is the limited edition Bugaboo Chameleon Ocean, yet I immediately wanted to make it unique. And what’s better than discovering that the Echino fabric you have in your stash matches perfectly, and is […]

a stocking for baby

Even though he’s not here yet, I really wanted to have his stocking ready for this Christmas. Maybe because it’s easier for me to commit to a stocking idea than his “official” quilt design. I gathered some simple holiday colored fabrics and made a big panel of 1.5″ patchwork. The cuff is corduroy bunched up […]