the best excuse if you become a slacker-blogger…

I’m pregnant!

Well, really it’s the best excuse for everything 🙂

Yep, we’re expecting a boy in mid-March. We couldn’t be more excited, and I have to admit, anticipating his arrival has really brought back my drive to make and create. I’m finally motivated to sew all sorts of things for the little guy.


i’m baaa-aaaack!

Don’t ask me what happened to my sewing mojo, but it’s been MIA for months. I suppose I sort of have an excuse (a surprise to be revealed tomorrow), but honestly, just looking at my sewing machine was too overwhelming for my pea brain.

Here’s a list of some of the fun things I started working on this week and will be sharing with you as I make progress:
1. Stocking for someone special
2. A girlie quilt for ME!
3. Baby boy playmat/quilt
… there’s a lot more on the master list, but let’s not get carried away!

Happy Holidays.

who am i kidding?

So I pulled out all of my fabric from its many hiding places today and found quite a selection. I’m guessing there’s about 100+ yards in the pile on our guest bed. WHAT?!? How is that even possible? I just started sewing last June. Yet I continue to convince myself that I NEED more beautiful textiles to admire. Here’s my most recent purchase, which I cannot even imagine allowing myself to cut into…

Anna Maria Horner’s Square Dance on Dobby Dot in Berry and Sweet purchased at fabricpalooza (Karen is fantastic!)

I also realized that I’ve amassed enough scraps to start a super scrappy quilt, which I’m very excited about. I’ll also be trying to use up some of the fabrics I’m not completely in love with anymore. A project that does just that is in progress on my sewing table as we speak. Hopefully it’ll be a quick finish and I can show you all soon. But not before I click over to buy more new fabric… trust me this stuff I really really do need 😉

blogger quilt festival – part deux

The first baby shower was in December, there was another in February, and then the little guy was born last week. So obviously I needed to get this done ASAP since I missed all my other deadlines. His name is Finn, how adorable and Gleeky is that 😉

I finished the top super fast, but I was really stuck on the back. I made the blocks, then  just couldn’t figure out how to arrange them or what color to sash them in. I’m learning how important inspiration is and that if I love what I’m creating then it’s easy for me to find time to work on the project.

All print fabrics are Denise Schmidt Hope Valley. My favorites are the blues, greens, and greys, so those became the focus on the back. The “white” is Kona Natural, and the binding is Kona Coal with a smidge of Cactus Calico Piney Woods snuck in. It’s quilted with random straight lines like my pinwheel quilt. The finished size is 36″ x 49″.

I really love how colorful it is without being gaudy or too bright. Can’t wait for a picture of the little guy lounging on his new quilt. I was completely inspired by these beauties by two of my favorite quilters: patchwork squares and scrap border.

Go check out all the other amazing quilts!

finally a finish!

WOW… my unintentional sewing/blogging hiatus has gone on far too long! No excuses, just an overwhelming amount of stuff in my life, and priorities had to be made. This quilt started with my desire to make a patchwork boy quilt. After I picked out the fabrics, I started to think about what happens in patchwork patterns when the same fabric is randomly chosen for adjacent blocks. From that I decided to precut a few of the fabrics in double, triple, and quadruple blocks.

The fabrics I know in the top are Kona Navy, Grass Green, and Natural, with Park Slope Birds in Turquoise by Erin McMorris. The light blue is either Kona Aqua or Ice Frappe. I quilted a few random vertical and horizontal lines along the seams, but I hadn’t basted it well so there are a couple of puckers in the top. I’m really disappointed in my quilting and am worried that it is too little to withstand washings. I may hand tie it in a few places so that I feel like it will hold up and have a full quilty life.

The back was a created improv style based on some already cut pieces that hadn’t been used in the quilt top, and a few other solids. The main color is Kona White, with a little Kona Coal, and the light green is either Kona Spring or Tarragon. After washing it measures 37.5″ x 51″.

I like it, but don’t love it. Hopefully a little boy will love it an extra lot to replace my lack of affection 🙂